when i take my glasses off everything’s blurry

My eyes are playing tricks on me.

Word: applause
Read: applesauce

Word: editorial
Read: orbital

Title: Inside of a Dog
Read: Inside of a Dead Dog

Feeling sleepy. Had a rousing conversation with Stan late last night. Only…he didn’t know it.

Stan: (muttering) I can’t believe Superman’s dog died.
Me: Superman’s dog died?
Stan: Mm, Superman’s dog died.
Me: Superman?
Stan: Superman.

Shoulda taken the conversation further. I’m not very chatty at 3 a.m. Gonna write down some questions for future sleep-talk sessions.



“STOP IT YOU CAN’T TOUCH THAT!” Stan belted. He looked like he was about to sit up, but simply rolled around 360 degrees into the same position.

“Stan? What’s wrong? Are you okay?” I asked, startled from my beauty rest.

“It’s the pediatric [muffled word]. You can’t touch.” He huffed.

“Are you dreaming?”

“No. I’m sleeping.” Immediate snoring ensues.

He’s funny even in his sleep.