Jay Park was confident he’d debut in America in two years. “I don’t believe that the important thing is choosing which artist to work with, knowing the trend or how to promote. I think it’s the sincerity. I believe I can make people feel my sincerity when I make music in America…. Two years; and that’s looking at it long.” That was a statement he made more than a year ago. I think today was the first time I’ve heard of him through Stan. Maybe Jay Park’s name popped up somewhere in passing, but it wasn’t significant enough to remember.

Just one month ago, PSY released the music video for “Gangnam Style.” Today, it has more than 50 million hits.

Perhaps there’s something more to this phenomenon than PSY entering back into the music scene at a time when K-Pop is breaching the American sound barrier. Can America embrace the smooth, fresh, Bieber-esque qualities of Jay Park over the comedic, flamboyant, and chubby musician? Is “Gangnam Style” the work of a true musical genius? Or is America still only comfortable with the blundering, seemingly asexual, Asian male stereotype?

I don’t know. But I know Jackie Chan never got Jennifer Love Hewitt. Romeo surely died with the awkwardness between Jet Li and Aaliyah. Hiro Nakamura was like a comic book character and never got with what’s her face. Oh oh! John Cho and Gabrielle Union were slightly successful in Flash Forward. Anyone watch Flash Forward? Anyone? No? Bueller? Point is, “Gangnam Style” is kitschy and catchy and mostly kitschy, PSY is short for PSYcho, and Jay Park…well, we’ll see where that goes. Do your thing, kid.


a conversation in the sonu household

Me: Since we’ve been married, is there anything you think I do that’s weird?

Stan: *looking around for the trap* No…

Me: No, really, tell me. Like, I’ll give you one. Sometimes I’ll eat over the sink so I don’t have to do dishes. Did you know I did that?

Stan: Well… you paint your nails for no reason. And sometimes, you wear the same shirt 3 days in a row. And you approach showering like an 8-year-old boy. And you get ready in the morning faster than anyone I know. Like in 3 minutes. *still looking around for the trap*