blast from the past

dollar bills
caffeine thrills
dirty cars
bianca and lars
tissue box
missing socks
lightning showers
hide and cower
smoggy air
truth or dare
roaring lion
someone’s spyin’
a fit of laughter
a thought thereafter
figure eights
telling time
did that rhyme
circles, squares
i’ve had my share
camel’s back
short stacks
magnolia blossom
damn you’re awesome
stay up late
stand and wait
question, answer
reveal your cancer
let it go
accept it slow
deep blue ocean
fluid motions
seed is growing
keep it going


the real

There is an expectation that we can talk about sins but no one must be identified as a sinner: newspapers love to describe words or deeds as “racially charged” even in those cases when it would be more honest to say “racist”; we agree that there is rampant misogyny, but misogynists are nowhere to be found; homophobia is a problem but no one is homophobic. One cumulative effect of this policed language is that when someone dares to point out something as obvious as white privilege, it is seen as unduly provocative. Marginalized voices in America have fewer and fewer avenues to speak plainly about what they suffer; the effect of this enforced civility is that those voices are falsified or blocked entirely from the discourse.

-Teju Cole