the upside

Rough Monday. But — oh, hey, what’s this?

Tomorrow is a special day. It’s officially Stan Loves You Day. Happy Stan Loves You Day, people. ūüôā



What’s on your mind?

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Facebook and Twitter status updates. We can say so little and yet want to tell so much about ourselves, painting the perfect picture. Or it doesn’t have to be the perfect¬†picture, but just a picture we have control of painting. It will say — This is just who I am.

Are our experiences meaningless unless they’re [over]shared? There’s sharing for the other’s satisfaction, i.e. sharing a loaf of bread with the hungry, sharing helpful information (the anthrax in Tide detergent samples is a hoax, by the way), sharing a sweet message to uplift. And then there’s sharing for our own satisfaction. The everyday choice, routine, meal, location, intimate encounter… become germane to identity and self-worth. danah boyd, Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research, says “This is the digital street, where the goal is to see and be seen.” Gone are the days of personal experiences that are shared with close friends and family, saving videos for your future grandkids, and having a quiet, romantic night with the one you love. We are living for an audience. Sharing about sharing a loaf of bread with the hungry.

What’s happening?¬†Even if I’m not sharing at all, I’m stalking and measuring myself with what others are doing in their [over]sharing.¬†My inner braggart comes out when I don’t have a reason to be filtered, tactful, or respectful. No one is holding my spirit and mind accountable to my fingers, and my fingers accountable to the board. Words are so easily manipulated.

I don’t remember how it used to be without social media. I mean, vaguely, but I know there’s no reversing this technological train. My younger sister’s generation doesn’t even know what life is like without social media. Just like they don’t know what the floppy disc button is when you want to save a Word document. So instead of moving everyone to boycott Facebook and live Twitterless lives in caves, maybe just ask yourself if what you’re posting is something you would say in a face-to-face setting. People tend to be more humble when they’re actually around people. Or ask yourself if what you’re doing is something you would do when you’re alone. Would you find the same amount of joy in it?

Patience and self-control. Humility before honor. Underrated and highly attractive characteristics.


Fildeo just woke up!
Fildeo is brushing her teeth!
Fildeo Coffee brewing!
Fildeo¬†burnt her tongue. ūüė¶