Mama Wang

I am so disgustingly tired that it makes me want to vomit, but I wanted to post something really quick.

My mom got into a little fender bender today and called me while i was at InterVarsity’s Emerge Conference. Hence, she was near home, and I was close to an hour away. Everyone else in my family went to Seattle for my cousin’s wedding (CONGRATULATIONS GEORGE AND ANGELA HWANG!). So, my mom called me because, being like most Asian moms, she didn’t know what to do and was freaking out because my dad forgot to put the insurance card in the glove compartment, as he usually does. The accident wasn’t her fault, though, but when the cop came, he was being a totally irritable butthole. I heard him talking roughly to her over the phone! I wanted to be like, oh haiiiiiillllll no. Mama Wang and Cop Man exchanged some words. I heard her voice raise an octave in frustration, and then she hung up on me without saying bye. Everything was taken care of in the end. The cop told Mama it was the other person’s fault, and that she was free to go. Mama told me the following conversation she and the cop had:

[Mama Wang was still sitting in her car after Cop Man said she could go, calling me, my dad, and Jessi to say everything was fine.]

Cop: [taps on window] Is everything all right? Why are you still sitting here?

Mom: …why you talk so mean to me? You scare me. Why your voice is so mean?

Cop: …so, are you okay?

Mom: You make me so nerve!

Cop: [smiling now] Ma’am, just keep your insurance card in the car at all times. You shouldn’t be driving without it. Now, is everything okay?

Mom: [smiling politely, but sweating profusely b/c she hadn’t turned the engine on yet] Yes.

Cop: And why don’t you turn on the engine and get some a/c going!

Mom: Okay, bye!

Everyone loves my mom. I can see people’s faces light up when they see her, especially people who come into our restaurant, old or new customers. You can’t help but love her.

she's beautiful.


i’m on the crazy track

I have this “Registry Essentials” checklist from Real Simple magazine. It’s a long list. Some big things (knife sets, bed sets, cookware), some small (salt and pepper shaker, soap dish), some questionable (ice cream maker, umbrella stand, suitcases, 2-4 decorative bowls).

At first I very cautiously started selecting items, going line by line off the checklist. Then I became merely conservative, imagining the typical household items. And then, 2 hours of Internet surfing later, the heat started getting to me. 8-12 place settings? Sure! 1 serving spoon, 1 serving fork, 1 pie server? Okay! 1 set of serving utensils, 1 set of serving dishes, 1 set of covered serving dishes? Why not! The madness set in.

This was from my friend Jackie's bridal shower. This is what i want to do.

Online shopping is like a disease. I started to stray from the list and added whatever I wanted. Eyes bloodshot from looking at the screen too long, hair pulled up in a crazy bun, cheeks pink, butt numb. If it wasn’t for my leg falling asleep, I wouldn’t have made it out of my registry shopper’s trance to finally breathe.

No, no, no…this can’t do. I looked at my never-ending list and died a little inside. So then I started to delete items.

I’ll only need 1 complete cookware set.

Am I really going to bake that much? Nah.

Will I have guests over a lot? I can always get that later.

I’ll take off the 3 other bed sets. I have some at home.

And then things got crazy again.

He looks worried.

An ice cream scooper? I’ll just use my bear hands. (You read that right. If I’m desperate enough to use my hands as ice cream scoopers, I suppose I’ll be fat. And then I’ll have bear hands.)

A winter blanket? Body heat. *wiggling eyebrows*

Vacuum? I’ll have plenty of packaging tape from the move.

Can opener? I’ll use my teeth.

Decoration? I’ll use my broken shards of teeth to make a mosaic.

Wanting is a never-ending thing! I suppose it’s just what is at the end of your want that makes the difference.

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the LORD, “and will bring you back from captivity.”

-Jeremiah 29:13-14

Have a good day!